Customer Services

Your views are important and will make a difference

At the Trust we will do everything we can to make sure that you get the right treatment, at the right time, and to the highest standard. We believe that the quality of our services can best be measured by our patients and their families.

It is important that we know about your experiences - both good and bad - while in hospital, anything that you have been disappointed about or if anything has caused you particular distress. You may wish to comment or make a suggestion as to how you think improvements can be made, or ask us to take further action. if you feel things have gone wrong. You can also thank those staff who have cared for you or a loved one in hospital.

We are sure that we can learn a great deal from your experiences

We promise to listen to what you have to say, then take action. If there is something that can be done straight away to help you we'll do it. But we will also use your comments and ideas to help improve the quality of care for other patients.

How you can share your views with us

The easiest way is to talk directly to the staff who are involved in your treatment and care. They are in the best position to help you and to take any immediate action. So if you have any concerns, please let them know; they would also welcome any compliments or good ideas as well!

As a patient, relative or carer, sometimes you may need to turn to someone for on-the-spot help, advice and support. This is where the Customer Services Department can help you..

They provide confidential, on-the-spot advice, information and support, helping you to sort out any concerns that you have about the care you are receiving and guiding you through the different services available from the NHS.

They can help you by

  • Guiding you to a quick and efficient resolution to your problem in negotiation with you.
  • Providing information for you about health services and links to other care or support services who may provide specialist information or support.
  • Gathering the queries, suggestions and views about the services you have received, allowing the Trust to make the right user focused decisions for the future.

How do I contact Customer Services

The Customer Service Team can be contacted by:

Telephone: 01914041072

Fax: 0191 2024150

Or online by this link: Customer Services.

Or Write to
Customer Services Department
South Tyneside District Hospital
Harton Lane
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE34 0PL

If you have any specialist needs the Customer Service Department will arrange for translator or specialist media formats in negotiation with you.

The following document is a short summary of how you may contact us about your experience. Listening Acting Improving

Just want to feedback?

If you only want to make a short comment or suggestion why not complete the Patient Feedback Card which you will find at key points around the Trust or you can use this quick link Patient Feedback. You can choose to ask for feedback or be anonymous if you would prefer.

The Trust also has a page on the NHS Choices website where you can post your comments and rate your experience in hospital.

Getting your Opinion

You may be invited to take part in a survey of your experiences and views as an NHS patient. This may involve completing a questionnaire, keeping a diary, or discussing your views with an interviewer or in a group. Although we would really like you to take part, you can choose not to do so. All the surveys are confidential. We take part in the national NHS census of patients' experiences to see if we, and the NHS as a whole, are meeting the standards of care we are expected to achieve.

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