About the Trust


Although a comparatively small provider of hospital services by today’s standards, South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust nonetheless is consistently ranked as one of the best by the organisations which inspect and regulate us. The Care Quality Commission, the independent body which inspects us, gave us ratings of ‘Excellent’ for the quality of our services and ‘Excellent’ for the use of resources.  It is a great credit to our staff that when we receive external visits, we always receive feedback about how knowledgeable and well practised all of our team are in the importance of maintaining national standards such as infection control. This latter issue is of high national importance to everyone who uses the health service and once again we continue to maintain some of the lowest infection rates in the country despite increasing service pressures.

Brief History
We were established as an NHS Trust in 1993 to provide community and hospital services to the people of South Tyneside and surrounding areas. On 01/01/2005 South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust was authorised as one of the new NHS Foundation Trusts. We believe that the way a NHS Foundation Trust works will help us to improve the services we provide even further and to do so faster, and in keeping with what local people want. 

With effect from 1st July 2011, community health services in Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland transferred to South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust from NHS South of Tyne and Wear as part of the Government’s Transforming Community Services programme. Patients can be reassured that all services will continue as usual.

Our Mission
To provide a comprehensive range of high quality health care services in our hospitals, clinics or at home to meet the needs of the local population and others who wish to make use of our services.

Our aims are:

  • To provide a comprehensive range of health care services locally
  • To provide a continuity of care between primary, secondary and community services
  • To promote healthy lifestyles through preventative health strategies
  • To ensure health care designed for the individual in participation with patients and carers, and in line with the philosophy of community care
  • To be a centre of innovation, excellence and research
  • To develop and realise the full potential of staff
  • To provide value for money



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